Yellow Gingham Nursery Curtains

September 25th, 2011

Let a little bit of sunshine and light into the nursery while the curtains are still drawn with a set of yellow gingham nursery curtains. The light, freshness of yellow curtains can add a sense of liveliness to the room without the problem of getting too overwhelmingly bright.

A nice relatively soft lemon yellow on the windows can provide the perfect fresh appeal that will also give you a lot of options when matching the bedding and accessories around the room. It is a useful neutral color that will allow you to dress the room no matter whether it is for a boy or a girl and there are a number of good quality options to choose from.

You can buy a set of these curtains by either clicking on the images below or reading more about them from the links provided.

The curtain pictured here is part of a set of 2 panels from Tadpoles. The description of this particular curtain is as follows: Tadpoles Classics Gingham Curtain Panels are made of 200-thread count cotton. The machine-washable rod-pocket curtains are available in 8 colors that coordinate with the Tadpoles Classic Gingham line. Packed as a set of 2 panels, each panel is 42″ wide x 63″ long. More details>>
 In a similar shade of yellow but designed to complement the original gingham curtains is a valance that has been made to be 60″ wide with a 16″ drop. It probably makes a lot of sense to use this valance with the curtains mentioned above, both of which are made by Tadpoles. They both come from the Basics range, too. As most customers have already stated, they are outstanding quality curtains and valances at a very reasonable price. More details>>
An alternative type of yellow gingham curtain is the Sleeping Partners curtains that measure 84″ and provides a very attractive version that will look perfectly in place in the nursery. More details >>

Also available are yellow gingham kitchen curtains.

Blue Gingham Curtains

May 26th, 2010

Blue gingham curtains can be used either in the kitchen or the bedroom with a pleasant cooling effect, particularly if the shade used is a pale blue. It is a simple way of adding style and more than a modicum of sophistication to a room. It is also a great way to give your rooms a homey and welcoming feel.

Creating a country kitchen look can be easily achieved with the use of a set of blue gingham curtains combined with matching valance and tiebacks. Placed around the room may be other gingham furnishings such as a tablecloth or tea towels, although you should be careful not to overdo it.

Buy blue gingham curtains for the baby’s bedroom, it is a soft color that is perfect for setting the relaxed mood of a newly decorated nursery.

So the question that should be answered is what kind of blue gingham curtains are available for sale and how much might you expect to pay for them.

For the nursery you can find the following set of Tadpoles Classics Blue Gingham Curtains, a rod-pocket curtain that is 42” wide x 63” long and made of 100% cotton. In this particular pack you receive a set of 2 panels. As well as blue, these curtains are available in a range of 8 colors so you can also get a color that might better suit the room you are creating.

Buy Tadpoles Basics Blue Gingham Curtains

For the kitchen

There are a number of kitchen curtains in a variety of different looks ranging from the frilly and decorative through to the more straightforward, less flashy versions. The following options will cover a diverse selection of different kitchen curtains featuring blue gingham in their design.


Dreams Blue Floral with Gingham Check Kitchen Tier Curtain

   The set pictured here comprises a pair of tiers, a scoop valance and a pair of swags. They are available in measurements of 56″ x 24 or 56″ x 36″ for the tiers, 54″ x 17″ for the valance and 56″ x 38″ for the swags. More details >>

Checkmate Blue Kitchen Curtain – Swag

The kitchen curtains pictured here are for a pair of Checkmate Blue Kitchen Curtain Swags. They are 00% cotton and machine washable. They measure 60″ wide x 38″ long and are standard rod pocket curtains. More>>

3 Piece Embroidered Gingham Curtain Set
(Lilac and Pink also available)


 Pictured here are 3 different embroidered kitchen sets in blue, lilac and pink. The set includes a swag valance and two tiers and it is very easy to hang. The dimensions of the curtains are 59″ x 36″ and it is suitable for the kitchen as well as a bedroom. More>>

The blue curtains displayed above are just a few of examples of the different types of blue gingham curtains that are available. As you may have noticed they are all relatively inexpensive and they would add great character to any room in which they are hung.

Buying Red Gingham Valances

May 6th, 2010

If you have already bought a set of red gingham curtains and have the feeling that they are looking a little short in terms of classic appeal, perhaps the added touch that they are looking for is the addition of a red gingham valance. The valance will create a framing effect around the plain looking curtains and will also help to block out some of the light that may have been creeping around the edges in the early morning.

As with other colors there are a few different shades of red that must be matched so ensure that you are buying the red gingham valance that matches your red gingham curtains properly.

Displayed below are a couple of valances that represent two of the different shades that are available. There are more valances available if you want to explore even further.

“Country Lane Gingham” Barn Red Valance

The “Country Lane” Gingham Barn Red Valance is a dark red that should be used around the matching curtains.

Alternatively you could go for the brighter red cotton kitchen valance that is probably more in keeping with what many people might expect for a country kitchen red gingham valance.

Checkmate Red Kitchen Curtain – Insert Valance

You will find more details about both of these valances by following the links through to the product pages.

Gingham Curtains

March 31st, 2010

Gingham curtains are a popular type of curtain that features checked or lined fabric that speak strongly of a country or cottage style of room. It is traditionally a woven cotton fabric although this is not always the case today with synthetic materials increasingly used. You will find gingham curtains available in many colors with reds, yellows, lavenders, greens and blues most notably represented.


Frequently paired with gingham curtains are matching toppers such as valances to create a complete window treatment that will create a cosy, country warmth to the room.


The consistent color and pattern that gingham curtains provide to a specific part of the room makes it particularly appropriate for use as a matching theme for the rest of the room. If the walls are painted a light eggshell blue, then a slightly darker blue gingham curtain would set them off nicely.


You will see gingham curtains used in just about any room in the house although the most likely place to find it is in a bedroom or the kitchen. In either case the presence of this style of curtain tends to be a welcoming one, particularly when accessorized with a matching valance, tiebacks and perhaps a ruffled trim to complete the look.


It is a simple task to accessorize around the room to integrate gingham curtains into the overall scheme. Checked placemats and linen used as table settings can complement the window treatment or, equally effective, solid colors that match the color of the gingham curtains will also provide an outstanding effect.


The texture of gingham curtains is usually more rough than that of other styles of curtains largely due to the open weave with which it is made. It is this weave that gives the curtains their country look making them appear more rustic than urban chic.


Gingham curtains provide a splash of color while also providing texture to the room. The pattern of the checks or lines can look a little busy if it is overdone but from a distance will blur into a softer tone that will complement other items in the room. There are many cases where this style of curtain will prove to be a very effective way of adding interest to the room.


Look for ways to brighten the rooms that you furnish with gingham curtains. Yellow gingham curtains may be used in the kitchen to create a brighter space, light blue can be used in the bedroom to add some sparkle to the room. The more creative you get with the material the more fun the rooms will appear.

Yellow Gingham Kitchen Curtains

March 31st, 2010

There are any number of different colors to choose from when trying to frame the kitchen window, but the bright yellow gingham curtains provides a cheerful and welcoming treatment that will brighten any kitchen. Kitchen curtains are generally a flowing, breezy type of curtain and to create a sunny atmosphere there can be no doubting that yellow gingham kitchen curtains will do the job.


Although there may be many ways in which you can introduce the yellow element into the kitchen, gingham curtains instantly provides a quaint country feel that can be carried through the entire kitchen and surrounding rooms.


You will have to decide whether you want to go with a soft pale yellow that will provide a more serene background or a bolder, darker yellow that will allow you to use as a constrasting or accent color.


Yellow Gingham Curtains


The youthful freshness of yellow gingham kitchen curtains should enable you to celebrate the warmer seasons of spring and summer. If the kitchen is a dark room that faces away from the sun’s path, placing yellow curtains around the window could help to make the room appear a little brighter. Combine the curtains with a yellow gingham valance for a complete look and the kitchen will immediately take on a new look.


Putting together a new baby’s nursery produces another opportunity to decorate in yellow  and the nursery can well do with a set of yellow gingham curtains to make a cheerful, non gender specific room.


No matter what the situation if you are looking to create a brighter and more homey looking room the yellow curtains make a terrific choice.


Take a look at the page of yellow gingham nursery curtains.

Red Gingham Curtains

March 30th, 2010

Gingham curtains can be found in just about any color you require with some examples combining a couple of colors together to form a more eclectic appearance. The country style is definitely attained through using them and they can add accent to any room in the house. Red gingham curtains are going to stand out a little more than some of the softer, more muted colors but this is one of the reasons that you may want to use red.

Red Gingham CurtainsRed is a color that is known to stimulate the appetite, which is why you will find the color in many restaurants. By placing red gingham curtains on the windows of your breakfast nook or dining room you can subtly suggest to your guests and family to clean their plates.

Red is a rich and vibrant color and it can be used effectively to help make the home feel warm and inviting. By placing splashes of the color around the room, and red gingham curtains are the ideal example, you will be adding that invitational touch.

The window is not the only place where this style of curtain is appropriate, particularly if you are setting a country style in the kitchen. Any open shelves or pantry that requires hiding can be tastefully done with a small set of red gingham curtains placed in front of them. This will add a splash of color inside the room and will also serve a smoothly functional purpose.

The traditional look for café curtains is red gingham. If you are attempting to match the look that you might have seen in a 1950s or 60s cafeteria or roadhouse then these are a the types of curtains that you might place on your windows. It is a very effective way of recapturing an atmosphere from the past.